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    Mark Kerber

    Is a new Texas Ranger patrolling the 9th inning? Dyson nailed it down the save today for the Rangers, as Tolleson watched from the bench. Tolleson had pitched the night before (coughing up a pair of homers in a blown save), but had three days of rest before that. Hmmmm . . .

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    Richard Robbins

    I assumed you were talking about Rougned Odor.

    A related story here.

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    John Fruit

    Personally I’d prefer if he stuck to baseball rather than showing off his boxing skills, unless we interject a new category for landing roundhouse curves.

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    Mark Kerber

    So, just two days later, Tolleson gets lit up for a grand slam and he’s out as the Rangers’ closer. Sam Dyson appears to be the new Ranger in town.

    BTW, I finally caught the video of the Odor/Bautista dust-up. Props to both of them: Odor for landing a pretty good looking punch and Bautista for shaking it off. Much more entertaining than the usual baseball fake fighting.

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