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Richard Robbins

I’m a sentimental guy. Rediscovering these old email threads and photos has been a glorious walk down memory lane. Time to update things here and there.

The picture that started this particular thread was taken at a competitive car design event that my older son Joseph participated in. My younger son, Michael, is now in the very same program. Michael tells me that working with carbon fiber is a bitch. I might be returning to that competition this summer.

Joseph was the first child born into the USML (May 1992). For those that remember, my team, the Mighty Red-Hots, was first called Joseph’s Mighty Red-Hots in his honor.

Joseph went on to become quite the car guy. He’s now a mechanical engineer at Tesla hard at work on Mark Blocker’s next car. Oh, and he’s about to get married in less than two weeks. While it was not planned this way, his wedding date will correspond with the 100th running of the Indy 500. Very appropriate! I know Rick will like that last part.