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Jeff Winick

A couple of follow-up points, Professor.

#1 – The Braden loss hurts, but ARod will be fine and the Gutierrez problems were already factored into the projection.

#2 – The Calamari just lost Nathan as a closer today, so I wouldn’t be too bullish on their chances. And as far as Jim having the best players, I beg to differ. The Klein Nine offense smokes the Calamari offense as does the Red Hots offense. And the Klein Nine have 1 1/2 – 2 closers to the Calamari’s none – 1/2.

#3 – The Shandler software does, in fact, show the Berliners having the best team, but this year’s projections like every other year’s projections only uses that information as a component of the overall analysis.

#4 – Though I doubt you will take heed, you might want to re-read the first sentence of my analysis of the Klein Nine. It would appear that you are unable to move on from last year’s disappointment. That is sure to lead to another year of disappointment.

That is all.

The King