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Richard Robbins

At first I got excited when I saw that Jeffrey declared the K-9 as frontrunners based, in part, on a lack of injuries. Then I surfed over to, and saw the following: Braden to the DL. A-Rod out with oblique/back problems. Gutierrez going to the Mayo Clinic instead of rehab. … Thanks for nothing, Jeff.

Anyway, a bit of history about Pippin’s projections. Before Pippin (may she rest in peace) was a gleam in her mother’s eyes, I published the “Candy Ass Projections.” Those were a response to Winick’s post-draft calculations that always found his team the best, while declaring Alex Liberman’s team the worst. Alex didn’t like that, and since one of his pet phrases was “candy ass” (whatever that means), a responsive document was produced. The following year, Pippin arrived and Pippin’s Projections were born, soon followed by Pippin’s Nothing But a Dog commentary from Jeff/Shandler, et al.

As for this year’s version, I’m calling the Calamari the favorite based on the quaint idea that Jim’s roster has the best players. Of course, one never knows what a Wieters, a Wood, or a temporarily-insane Mark Blocker will do to the dynamic of a pennant race. So it should be a fun season!