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Rick Gammons


I love this stuff! As you know, for better or worse, any kind of auto racing is in my blood having grown up in the shadows of the Indy 500. But come on now, braking problems? You go faster without brakes! Tell Joseph I’m proud of him – we need some more American representation in the racing biz.

It’s a rotten shame that most of them have gone the NASCAR route instead of true open wheel racing. One of my sporting heroes has always been Dan Gurney. If he’s not familiar with him, tell him to read up on Dan – he was a true renaissance man of racing. He was (and is) a very intelligent man who not only raced and won at all levels (Indycar, Formula 1, stock cars, sports cars), but actually designed most of his own cars. Anyway, those motor-sport design comps are really cool – I’ll keep an eye out for young Joseph Robbins.

Take care