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Richard Robbins

Is entry into DUMP forbidden if a member of COPS? If not, I’d like my application reviewed asap.

Hmm. Gotta think about that. COPS has taken on a decidedly nasty, anti-Brad Lee tone lately. DUMP is all about worshipping at the feet of our iconic leader, Brad Lee. I suppose if you were to promise that you wouldn’t participate in that nonsense, your application would receive serious consideration.

Also for clarification, Joey Gathright was NOT a centerpiece of the deal last year- without remembering vivid details, I believe Curtis Granderson and Jorge Cantu were involved in that transaction as well…..?

Of course – but now you’re speaking about your perspective. I was speaking only about PT/KR’s perspective. I only wish I had saved a copy of the famous “Monster-Talent” email. If I could reprint certain passages, you would more clearly understand my point.

Jeff Winick