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Andy Klein

Those are fake Winick quotes!! Here’s what he really said.

“I’m really concerned about Bradley,” Jeffrey mused. “Bragging about his FAAB bid on Tommy Murphy? I mean, the guy’s a one week fill-in until Juan Rivera comes back. Meanwhile Klein snared KC speedster Kerry Robinson right out from under Brad’s nose. Everyone knows that Robinson stole 39 bases in AAA last year. And he was hitting .367 before his call-up. With David DeJesus not even close to healthy, Robinson is a big-time impact player!”

After a long pause and a shake of the head, Jeffrey continued. “It’s really sad watching Brad flail around this year. He sounds like an over-the-hill snake oil salesman. Justin Huber? Give me a break! All I can say is ’81 major league at-bats without a home run and counting!’ And don’t even get me started on Jeff Clement’s torn meniscus and elbow bone chips. Maybe the league should force the Rips to start from scratch again next year. It would be for their own good.”