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      Jeff Winick

      For the benefit of the man whom I know to be a great aficionado of awesome baseball names(does anyone not think of Rich Robbins when hearing the name Arquimedes Pozo?), I offer the following:

      Kansas City has an outfielder in Low A by the name of Amalani Fukofuka. How much would you pay to have heard Harry Carey take a run at that one??

      By the way, is it just me or is Mark Blocker really conceding the race this early in the season? All this talk about order having been restored to the standings and I couldn’t agree more.

      Sorry for the delay on PiNBAD. It’s publication is imminent.


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      Richard Robbins

      Very nice indeed.

      Nobody pronounces Arquimedez Pozo better than Kerber.

      Can I get an Ntema Ndungidi?

      I might be willing to pay to listen to the dulcet tones of Rick Gammons read the list of the greatest names. Joe Table anyone?

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