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Brad Jansen

Good god, is that damn Super Bowl Shuffle the only song half of you know?
What bitterly empty lives.

Look-I’m in last place, so I’m an e-z target. Big deal. My whole life I’ve
had a bullseye on my back. So to quote a line from Shabes’ fave song, “Hit
me with your best shot.” Because, and if I may quote a line from Winick’s
favorite song, “I’m still standing.”

Now what can I say about this year? I tried a strategy of youngsters and
aging veterans. The veterans aged quickly and the kids are not alright. So
what would any team in last place do? The sale’s on, lads.

That is all, pending an announcement of a trade with Winick. Or Klein. Who
knows. But don’t worry, Mark B, I won’t be bugging you to trade me
Brandon McCarthy–you had your chance last year….

Ciao, brothers!

Brad “Wood If He Could” Jansen