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Richard Robbins

Did you ever win without a co-pilot Brad?  Is it possible that some sort of performance enhancing drug was involved?  C’mon Brad, fess up, it’s just not natural.

 Looking at the log again, I realized this morning that except for your wild run, we have never seen any team go back to back.  Not even the vaunted Berliners.

Here’s the log:

Year       Winner
2010      Berliners
2009      Bombers
2008      AYM
2007      Berliners
2006      Nukes
2005      Daddies
2004      Nukes
2003      Berliners
2002      Riptorns
2001      Nukes
2000      Riptorns
1999      Riptorns
1998      Riptorns
1997      Riptorns
1996      Berliners
1995      Red-Hots
1994      Klein Nine
1993      Bombers
1992      Berliners
1991      Klein Nine
1990      Berliners
1989      Bombers