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    Richard Robbins

    Intrigued by Andy’s question, I started poking through the archives.

    Here’s what I found.

    For seasons with 11 teams, the highest total is 102 (2006 Nukes) and the biggest margin is 16 (2004 Nukes).

    For seasons with 10 teams, the highest total is 90.5 (2002 Riptorns) and the biggest margin is 15 (1996 Berliners).

    For seasons with 9 teams (2000 and 2001) the highest total is 67 (2001 Nukes) and the biggest margin is 10.5 (2001 Nukes).

    Thinnest victory margins: 1991 Klein Nine (zero, win by tie break).  The 1995 Red-Hots and 2007 Berliners each won by one-half point.

    Longest gap between victories for teams with more than one win.  The Bombers at 16 years.  If the Red-Hots win this year this particular honor will be shared between the Bombers and Red-Hots.

    All that is interesting, but what really counts is the number of crowns:

    Berliners 6
    Riptorns 5
    Bombers 3
    Nukes 3
    Klein Nine 2
    AYM 1
    Daddies 1
    Red-Hots 1

    Longest winning run, the Riptorns, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and then 2002.

    What the hell happened in 2001 Brad?

    Other than that period, Jeff is the most consistent winner: 1990, 1992, 1996, 2003, 2007, and 2010.

    Jeff and Brad cover 11 of the league’s 22 seasons.  Wow.

    Click here for spreadsheet with the related data.

    — Rich

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    Brad Jansen

    Thanks, Rich. This was a fun read!

    — Brad

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    Richard Robbins

    Did you ever win without a co-pilot Brad?  Is it possible that some sort of performance enhancing drug was involved?  C’mon Brad, fess up, it’s just not natural.

     Looking at the log again, I realized this morning that except for your wild run, we have never seen any team go back to back.  Not even the vaunted Berliners.

    Here’s the log:

    Year       Winner
    2010      Berliners
    2009      Bombers
    2008      AYM
    2007      Berliners
    2006      Nukes
    2005      Daddies
    2004      Nukes
    2003      Berliners
    2002      Riptorns
    2001      Nukes
    2000      Riptorns
    1999      Riptorns
    1998      Riptorns
    1997      Riptorns
    1996      Berliners
    1995      Red-Hots
    1994      Klein Nine
    1993      Bombers
    1992      Berliners
    1991      Klein Nine
    1990      Berliners
    1989      Bombers

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    Brad Jansen


    Mike, see what a disaster my roto career became when you left me?

    — Brad

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    Brad Jansen

    I think this also confirms the long-held belief that Mike was always about the winning. He was the Rahm Emmanuel of our roto campaigns. I always preferred to play for the existential moment, whether it was the thrill of consummating a deal with Winick, acquiring a cheap keeper or retaining only pitchers. When Mike co-piloted the plane, we aimed for, and usually landed on, the special air strip reserved only for the winners. On my own, I can barely ascend above the trees, but boy what a ride before I crash…..

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    Brad Jansen


    I think you are exaggerating my role. If I served any real purpose, it was only to be a filter for all of your ideas and an occasional check on your impulsiveness. All of the work, all of the creativity, and 95% of the credit for our run goes to you (although I will take credit for recognizing during the Yankees/Mariners ALDS in 1995 that Mariano Rivera was the future of the Yankees bullpen).

    Hope all is well at the USML and that you are enjoying an exciting pennant race.

    Riptorns forever!


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    Mark Kerber

    Of course Brad needs a lot of filtering and checking.


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