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Brad Jansen

What a sad, desperate grasp for attention…and it’s *Jeff *Clement, not Matt. Sheesh. And, Andy, do you also now subscribe to satellite transmissions of minor league games so you can track that pitching stud Craig Hansen? In any event, don’t worry about me peddling those guys (or my other top-notch guys like Upton, Kendrick, Gordon, Zumaya, Putz, Molina, Burgos, Soriano, Thome, Patterson, Ellsbury, et al and etc.). As I already proclaimed, these fine young men are the cornerstone of the next Riptorns’ empire. Just as you won’t part with Hansen, and Rich won’t part with Sizemore (unless/until he grabs enough ass -I mean asterisk- players to get Ichiro, Sheff and Teixera from Bombers), so shall I stand firm, and pat!