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Brad Jansen


While I know my dear friend Richard E. Robbins certainly can fend for himself, particularly as to the likes of you, I for one take umbrage with your backhanded swipe against the Hots.

What makes you think he’s dumping? Since when does a team with two closers, Konerko, Hafner and a wealth of quality SPs give up as early as June 1? Seems that the K-9 only is marginally better, if at all, than the Crimson Wieners, and they certainly rank equal if not better than the LMC, FBs and BBs. Way too early to discuss Bean Season when it comes to Rich and your remark is insulting to a man of his character and competitive drive.

Come at me with your your dull blade, if you dare to parry, but at least choose a fair target, like the Nukes or Angries….(as if we don’t know you’re trying in typically transparent fashion to expand the market for Garko, as if he’s the Holy Grail of the Dumpsters–like RER will bite at that sorry bait…).

Baffled in the Basement,