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Jeff Winick


I’m glad to see that you’re focusing on the absence of a receding hairline in the picture. I thought that was the least of the problems. My son, Ben looked at it and asked why they had a picture of John Madden in place of me!!

As for the amount of victories over the course of my rotisserie career, I fully acknowledge that there is only one USML and I certainly have not won it on an annual basis. However, other than during the first few years of the USML (back when we could call it Uncle Sidley’s Major League without fear of penalty), I have played in an average of 4-5 leagues a year. Although it looked fairly impressive in the magazine (don’t you think ) – it really isn’t that hard to average a win in 20% of your leagues on an annual basis.

Finally, I leave you to your own devices with respect to trying to outguess me and my picks and pans. You might note that most of my predictions relate to the NL and that wasn’t accidental. However, I will say this: “I’ll start the bidding at $25 on Curt Schilling”.

That’s all for now.