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Jeff Winick

I offer further evidence in support of my petition to have Mark “PT” Blocker’s membership in COPS revoked:

Exhibit #1 – As I understand it, the purpose of COPS is to actively discourage the over-hyping of young players who are then included as key components of dump trades. Is not Joey “Monster-Talent” Gathright the poster child for the very type of hucksterism that COPS is designed to prevent?

This just hit the wires:

Jun. 6 Joey Gathright (OF) TB was optioned to Triple-A Durham Tuesday to make room on the roster for Rocco Baldelli, according to the AP. Gathright hit .201 with 12 stolen bases in 55 games.

Exhibit #2 – Brad “Lee” Jansen revealed what many of us have known all along. The power behind the throne wasn’t Mike Rogers, it was (and is) Mark Blocker. Anyone else catch the fact that Bradlee slipped and complimented Mark on his judgment and skill. Surely that’s not in reference to Mark’s stewardship of the Bombers. It can only be a sly reference to Mark’s behind the scenes work on behalf of the Torns. The drive for five is obviously merely how Mark deflects attention from himself while quietly coaching The RipTorns to victory. Maybe “PT” is the wrong moniker. Maybe “KR” as in Karl Rove is more appropos?

Bottom line – If there’s any legitimacy to this fledgling organization, I say PT can’t be a member.

That is all.

Jeff Winick