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Richard Robbins

TO: Jeffrey Henry Winick
FROM: Brad L. Jansen
DATE: June 6, 2006
RE: COPS; Motion to Revoke Membership of Mark Blocker

Congratulations on insulting my good friend Mark Blocker and me in the same paragraph. That must be a first.

With respect to your diatribe against Mr. Blocker you have no standing in COPS either to (i) ask to bar Mr. Blocker’s membership or (ii) demand revocation of his privileges. Please note that this decision in no way addresses the merits of your remarks concerning Denard Span.

As to your allegation that Mr. Blocker’s objective and fairly mild commentary about his player “would even embarrass” me, I don’t deny and cannot hide my hurt that you caused me. But you know what, Jeff? To compare a brilliant strategist and roto tactician such as Mark Blocker to someone like me just brings a smile to my face and the glisten of a tear to my right eye, actually caused by some eyedrops received during a normal eye exam tonight. But don’t worry, Jeff. My eyes are fine and I see things clearly. You don’t respect me, you never have, and now the entire League can see your hostility in black and white. Well, tonight I’m filling out my membership application to COPS–and guess what? It ain’t you I’m listing as my emergency contact.