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      Jeff Winick

      PT/KR asked me to search elsewhere for material….and so I have.  I  got a chuckle from this little PT/KR blast from the past:

      Top 5 Reasons Winick Won’t Even Beat Me (Let Alone Win):

      5.   Too busy with other leagues

      Jeff, as we all know, is an  Expert.  He write roto  columns.  He hob-nobs with (and  apparently provides legal services to) the  Roto Establishment. But as the league’s lone Expert, Jeff will rightly  size up USML as the proverbial lost cause — he can’t win — so he will spend  his time on  one of his many other roto leagues.  For teams like mine,   unaccustomed to the Upper Tier, these are salad days, and so we will   soldier on.  Jeff knows better, so he will spend his time  elsewhere.

      4.  Brad is no longer in the league

      Oh how  Jeff longs for the days when he and the Riptorns flopped the  same bevvy of players back and forth on alternate years.  No more.   If  he is going to beat me, he will have to do it without an overly  friendly  face.  That’s a lot tougher.

      3.  He has  nothing (and mostly never had) anything left to  trade.

      Buyer  beware here.  So far Jeff has managed to squeeze a couple  decent players for his usual handful of baby-faced beans, but there is truly nothing left on his roster.  I will be the first one to mock (and pity)  the  fool who hands over the storehouse keys for the likes of John  “Long Shot” Danks  and Tino “I’ve Shot My Wad for the Year”  Martinez.

      2.  Blown opportunities

      Jeff had a real  chance to improve his team by dangling Crawford —  who would have  brought a ton — but with the Posednik trade and the  remaining speed
      on contending teams, Jeff has no way to recoup the speed if he  does  deal him. After Crawford, what’s left?  (See point 3   above).

      1.  My team is better


      — Mark B.

      What were the final standings, you ask?  Well…suffice it say, it was  PT/KR who bought me a chicken dinner in honor of my higher finish – not vice  versa.

      By the way, has anyone else notice a certain repetitive theme that runs through so many of PT/KR’s posts?  Seems to be a consistent refrain that  goes something like this:

      Jeff’s a self-proclaimed expert
      Jeff is Ron Shandler’s lawyer
      Jeff overhypes his rookies

      Surely you can do better, PT/KR.

      More to follow.


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