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      Brad Jansen

      So today I took Conor (who turns 13 in JAN) to see the new Bond movie.  We hadn’t seen a Bond film together before and I told him it was sort of a rite of passage or whatever. About time he learns about objectifying women and escaping tight scrapes.  I hadn’t really followed the franchise since the days of Connery and Moore (major downgrade, cos us kids knew him from TV as The Saint…)  except when Halle Berry was in that  one movie.   Always partial to Sean Connery even though he’s a Scot.  Anyway, thumbs up to the new Bond–glad they got away from all the high-tech nonsense and got it back to the way Fleming structured the stories: fists and babes, just like any good spy story I say (altho I must say there was not much pussy galore in this film-Bond had his hands full but not of women–and oooh that torture scene; Doug, sit on the aisle if you’re gonna see this movie).  This guys fights the way I play roto: bareknuckled, except he wins more.

      So, what do you guys say? Is Craig this generation’s Bond? He’s earned my vote. Weigh in, please (and, Jeff Winick, no essays about George Lazenby and post-modernism, OK?)…..


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