An Open Letter to Jeffrey Winick: Please Compete

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      Brad Jansen

      My dear Lord Jeffrey:

      Your refusal to respond to my urgent cries to trade with me has hurt me. But at the same time it provided me an opportunity to reflect on our friendship and, more important, your roster.

      Jeffrey, if you never listened to me before, I urge you to do so now. With the Ascension of Gordon Beckham, you now have one of the AL’s finest third sackers, to go along with the AL’s* best* third sacker A-Rod,  Your roster features one of the league’s best outfielders (Adam Lind), catchers (Wieters), and pitchers (Porcello). Oh, and did I mention: Alexi Casilla, Vlad The Impaler, Alex Gordon, Niemann…Hughes…Cahill….the list goes on and on.

      My point is simple and it is this: Go for it. Now. Your team has a solid foundation and a boatload of cheap keepers. The Time has come. It came one year earlier than you planned,  but sometimes Life throws a curve ball–and when it does, you have got to take a swing.  Jeffrey, the pitch is heading toward home plate. Take the bat off your shoulders and smack that ball. Smack it, Jeffrey.

      Look, I gave it a shot, did the best I could. But you and I both know that DeRosa and Sherrill are likely headed to the NL, that King Carlos Quentin is done for the year and Josh Hamilton is, well, he’s Josh Hamilton.  In the meantime, the Bombers continue to steamroll through the standings…..

      So that leaves you, Jeffrey. You–the only team between the Bombers and The Damon.  Does the thought of the Bombers winning that prize not gall you enough to take action, Jeffrey?  You sat on the sidelines all season, Jeffrey, a bystander offering the occasional quip and snide remark.  Well, Jeffrey, it’s your turn at bat.  Will you step to the plate?  Will you?

      I await your response. My players are at your service.
      Warmest regards,
      Brad Lee

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      Mark Kerber

      Even Madonna knows A-Rod is soooooo over. Longoria is the MAN at the hot corner.


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      Brad Jansen


      Don’t I know it. It just hurts me so much to say his name….


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