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      Andy Klein

      A bit of league history.

      USML trades are normally are announced via a “Notice of Hot Wax Seal”, rather than simply an announcement of “Trade”. Buddha will be pleased to learn that this tradition started with a franchise named Democrats for Nixon. The owner of that franchise, Alex Liberman, frequently would respond to trade offers by shouting “Hot wax seal it!”, typically giving no more than two seconds worth of thought to the offer.

      Alex named his franchise in honor of Morrie Liebman. Morrie was a very senior partner at Sidley who was particularly kind to young, stressed-out litigation associates. (In addition to buying us lunch on occassion, he routinely gave us his 50 yard line seats at Soldier Field!) In perusing his lengthy resume one day, Alex saw that Morrie served as national chair for an organization called Democrats for Nixon in 1968. Upon learning this, Alex immediately dumped his franchise name of Old Style Light and re-named his team Democrats for Nixon.


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