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      Brad Jansen

      The Rips and LMC are happy to announce that they have  exchanged Lyle Overbay for Brian Anderson.  “I don’t recall which team has what player–we just wanted  to make  a  deal,”  announced Rips CEO Brad Jansen.

      League Jansenist (hey, look it up in Wikipedia) Jeff Winick confirmed that the Riptorns traded Overbay to the LMC for Brian Anderson.  “Anderson is a matinee idol and Jansen’s daughter adores him,” opined Winick in his to-the-minute-for-a-fee reserve list analyis.  “Do I expect the Rips to retain Brian?  At this point, who knows.  I’m just relieved that the $100 million D-Mat man is human after all.  Perhaps he was upset he wasn’t in Japan for Michael Jackson’s meet and greet.  That’s all.”

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