Backstory of Klein-Nukes Deal: Now It Can Be Told

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      Brad Jansen

      Just a footnote for League historians and those who track Klein’s legislative initiatives: the key to his Nukes deal, of course, is Elijah Dukes. Let’s recall how Andy acquired Dukes: in an off-season deal with the Riptorns, who traded then-minor leaguer Dukes with fellow minor leaguers Ryan Sweeney and Chris Lubanski to the K-9 for Lyle Overbay and Ramon Hernandez, a deal that would have been prohibited by the very rule Andy proposed just a few weeks after that trade. So, you see, you sometimes can get what you want. Well, at least Andy does. Dotel it on the Mountain…sing with me, please!!

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      Andy Klein

      Several points, Brad.

      1. Your history is truncated. You traded me Dukes after I traded you Dukes after you traded me Dukes. All during the offseason. Instead of complaining, you should be thanking me for keeping you entertained.

      2. Good God, man! Stop whining about rules proposals that failed!! With all your carping, is it any wonder that people have resorted to debating the merits of the ’85 Bears?

      3. Maybe you shouldn’t have been so quick to trade Hernandez and Overbay. Their owners seem to be having fine seasons.

      4. Finally, King Bean, Alex Gordon (guaranteed to come quickly “out of the gates” in Winick’s magazine), and Billy Butler are all in the majors. So trade their asses already, and quit yer bitchin’.

      That is all.



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