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      Brad Jansen

      Dear Friends and Fellow Astral Travelers:

      It has taken me but a few days here in Makena to realize that the support staff at this resort are in desperate need of a spiritual adviser, someone untainted by the warm caressing trade winds and healthy fruit options that engulf this island. After a few minutes or so of quiet contemplation and a fourth glass of wine at what was loosely billed as a “sunset wine dinner,” I have decided it is time to commit my life to helping others see the way, and by that I don’t mean directions to the clothing optional beach minutes from here (shame on Fodor’s for neglecting that relevant fact about this place; had I known beforehand, I certainly would have stopped snacking at my desk so much).

      But enough rambling. Time to meditate. Please forward unpaid vacation pay, pending bonuses and pension stipend to my room 213 here at your earliest convenience. Funds are running a bit low, it will take some time to develop my new business model and the scrumptious breakfast buffet costs a small fortune.

      Sending vibrations of peace, love and non-material thoughts,

      I remain,

      Brad Lee Bodhidharma


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      Brad Jansen

      All: for the reasons set forth in an email I issued yesterday, I no longer am angry at Winick for talking me into trading away Chris Archer. I have moved way beyond such earthly concerns now that I have found my True Calling in Hawaii. A big mahalo to Jeffrey for causing me to rethink life’s priorities.

      — Brother Brad

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      Brad Jansen

      When in the ocean do not relieve yourself when snorkelers are present. They are a testy lot.

      That is all.

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