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      Brad Jansen

      “Ambriox Burgos earned save number eight tonight,” began Jeff  Winick, breathless between press conferences announcing his latest non-profit venture DUMP. “Granted, it was his eighth in fourteen opportunities.  But that’s the key: opportunity.  And that word “opportunity” describes DUMP’s mission: everyone of our players will have an equal opportunity to be traded for minor league prospects and Rule 5 Cubans (naturalized).

      ” But seriously, Foulke: Compare Burgos’ saves total to those of  Guardardo, Jones and Foulke, to name just a few.  Burgos cost a mere $11, at least half of their salaries..and imagine if any one of the League’s contenders had those 8 saves in its column.  Standings, and the Fortunes they bring, would change dramatically.  It is these types of electrifying players who truly impact the outcome of the annual race.  As a founding member and ex officio condo, I encourage League owners to offer the Rips someone of fair consideration in exchange for Burgos.  It will be DUMP’s inaugural trade and prizes will be awarded. Let’s get it started.”

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