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      Brad Jansen

      from usml wire……

      Under growing pressure to speak out more forcefully on the Block’s Bombers’ unyielding domination over the USML,  Roto Guru Jeffrey Winick used his toughest language yet Wednesday to condemn the Bombers’ violent suppression of dump trades and to declare the USML “appalled and outraged” by the crackdown.  “Look, I can sit by the sidelines and say nothing–I already have two teams’ worth of keepers,” explained Winick. “But today I raise my voice in support of fellow owners who are unable to dump because of the Bombers’ utter suppression of competition–the Klein 9, the Hoosier Daddies, and the poor Mighty Red Hots, with only David Price Our Lord to show for their laborious rebuilding efforts.”

      But Winick again stopped short of calling off his own dump trade overtures to the Bombers and refused at a news conference to threaten consequences. “We don’t yet know how this is going to play out,” he said.  “Well, *I* know how it’s going to play out, but if I shared that with you I wouldn’t be much of a guru now, would I?  Now excuse me. I need to catch a smoke.”

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