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      Brad Jansen

      Ed. note: In light of Jeffrey Winick’s hectic schedule and the reading public’s demand for his literary work, Mr. Winick has authorized limited publication of his daily diary entries.

      Jeffrey explains: “These diary entries are keyhole peeps into my soul, indeed the very core of my roto genius. They provide the USML with thoughts and insights not shared in my formal publications. In many ways, these entries are my initial drafts, my rough mixes, my dry heaves, as it were. They reveal my concerns, my fears, my pettiness. Please, read them as you see fit, and understand how vulnerable I feel tearing open my chest and ripping off my scalp, so you can look into my heart and peer into my brain….”

      Dear Diary:

      It’s Sunday night. I can’t believe I have to waste a week in Atlanta when I need to prepare for 20 other drafts. Dadgummit. I have tried so hard to convince everyone that Montero and Moore are the best keepers out there and are worthy of any hitter or pitcher that I choose to be traded to me.

      But as I review my draft day notes I see I have to worry that blasted Jansen doesn’t edge me out for such deals. “Rebuilding,” my ass. Look at all those undervalued young players he can move in the right deak: Tank Viciedo and Jean Segura, both a buck; CIosers in waiting  De Los Santos (3) and Robertson (5). Up and coming 3B stars Moustakas (5) and Chisenhall (9). Speed merchants Desmond Jennings (10) and Peter Bourjos (11). I need another cocktail before I even can think about the minor league studs he has accumulated and can trade later on: Trout, Gose, Sano, Hicks, Bogaerts, Montgomery and Williams–on and on it goes. I thought I had this year sewed up. Little did I know a little prick could tear my seams. Curses upon you Jansen!!!! You shall not win, I swear!   Note to self: get Atlanta snow globe for Carolyn.

      All the best to the bestest,


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