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      Brad Jansen
      As Brad Lee so proudly crowed recently - I'm really no match 
      for his wiles. The guy absolutely robbed me blind when he 
      talked me out of Andy Marte and his bargain basement $14 salary
      and the second coming of Jim Palmer, Hayden Penn.
      If you have any doubt about how unbelievably shrewd Brad Lee 
      is, just take a look at these numbers:
      Andy Marte in 2006: 80 AB, 18 H, 6 R, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 0 SB, 23 K 
      with a .225 BA and a .287 OBP. And only $14!
      But wait, it gets better....take a look at these numbers:
      Hayden Penn in 2006: 2/3 IP, 8 H, 0 BB, 0 K and 
      8 ER resulting in a Ratio of 12.12 and an infinite ERA.
      Yep, Brad Lee, I'll be the first to admit it. 
      You're just too damned good.
      Jeff Winick

      My dearest Jeffrey:

      How nice of you to climb from under your rock, the rock upon which you construct your foundation of Despair, to carp about another trade partner you left in the dust. Yes, Jeffrey, we all know that Penn and Marte were amongst your top auction acquisitions, exciting talent you were savvy enough to grab while pending League Champion Douglas Shabelman was darting to the washroom. And, of course, we are fully aware of your propensity to crow about trades where you screw over the other party.

      So, thanks for reminding us of what are wonderful roto player you are, on this, the most solemn of the Highest Holy Days of the Workingman…but what do you know of labor, dear Jeffrey, you who hire poor, undocumented migrants to scrub your toilets, bathe your children and massage your sagging middle-age flesh? I suppose right now you are shopping on Michigan Avenue while your driver parks your late-model Lexus as I compose this letter and mournfully remember that you exist solely to torment me for the sordid amusement of others.

      Your cheap trick,
      Brad Lee

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      Jeff Winick

      Let’s not get too caught up in ourselves, huh Mr. Brad Lee. Do you really think its fair to PT/KR to proclaim that I exist solely to torment YOU?


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