Do The Guys Who Founded Roto Still Play?

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    Mark Blocker


    Reading Shandler’s farewell letter got me to thinking about something: do the guys who founded roto still actually play roto? Turns out the answer is mostly no. Below is a link from a Wall Street Journal article that talks about the demise of their league.

    So that got me to wondering: are we are aware of any roto leagues that have been continuously in existence as long as USML? I suspect there are a few, but I have not researched it…all answers welcome.

    — Mark

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    Mark Kerber

    Great article! How did I miss that?

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    Rick Gammons


    I’ve heard anecdotal tales of a few ongoing leagues from the late 80s, but nothing I can immediately confirm. Like our league, the other long-running leagues I’ve heard about are comprised of over-educated dudes, but mainly from the east coast. Pretty cool that we’re still chugging along……….


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