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      Mark Blocker

      Ok, if we are going to anticipate some draft day traditions, let me add a few to the mix for Dennis’s benefit (in no particular order):

      1.  Nukes:  Three hours after deriding the practice, the Nukes will be on their 8th “motion to think.”
      2. Hoosiers:  Each purchase by Rick will be followed by someone uttering, “Wow, that was a great buy…”
      3. Klein Nine:  No draft would be complete unless Andy mentioned Matt Wieters or chided Mark B for spending money on pitching.
      4. John F:  Will engage in a bidding war over every young pitcher I thought I could just sneak by (and see item above for the ones I actually win).
      5. AYM:  Doug will reiterate his complete lack of preparedness (usually followed by a universally acknowledged great draft).  Doug will also cause me to erase through at least one or two just-before-the-gavel-bang bids.
      6. Riptorns:  Pretending he is not prepared by asking questions like “what team is Albert Pujols on?”

      Looking forward to the draft….

      — Mark B

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