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      Jeff Winick

      As one of the many benefits of DUMP membership, the league office will issue regular updates regarding certain prospects. At least until we are able to generate a separate mailing list for DUMP members, this information will, regrettably, have to be shared with the general league membership.

      In our inaugural update, we are pleased to be able to focus on a young man who, at least in the opinion of one highly respected professor of law and acting dean is “the Man”.


      Mr. Hansen marked his return to the major leagues with a less than stellar outing. He is an accomplished college reliever with a potentially overpowering repetoire, but faces two significant obstacles: 1) he’s not ready for the Red Sox and 2) the Red Sox are not ready for him.

      He threw 7 pitches tonight and found far too much of the plate, giving up two hits and one earned run. His principle competition, Jon Papelbon, threw 1.1 innings, struck out 3, and secured the win. Papelbon’s ERA dropped to 0.30 and his ratio to 0.66. The MAN is named Papelbon. Craig Hansen looks like like nothing better than a reasonably solid middle reliever, for the forseeable future. DUMP says at $5 or less on a rookie contract this guy is a very nice keeper. At $5 or more and on anything other than a rookie contract, DUMP says stay far, far away.

      More to follow…..

      Jeff Winick
      Social Secretary, DUMP

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