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      Brad Jansen

      Notes from the Genius:

      Greetings, fans.  It goes without saying that this season has been full of regrets for me, starting with the *Fantasy Baseball Magazine*’s editor’s decision to use my same caricature as last year.

      But the mistakes of others don’t torment me as much as my own, because I hold myself to such a high standard and expect so little of others.  As I look back at my reserve roster decisions this past spring, I can only pine over what could have been–and how better focused I *should* have been but for Andy Klein’s pre-season legislative shenanigans that so sapped my energy, my logic, indeed– my Game.

      I ended up reserving lugs like Joe Crede, Craig “Mendoza” Monroe, Jason “Batless” Bartlett and Rocco “Ballsbreaker” Baldelli.* * *    *And who should I have retained? Why, none other than Dustin Pedroia, who at a $10 contract would have given me the AL’s best hitting second sacker, a run scoring machine who now bats in front of sluggers like Papi Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.* *And I get to watch his BA soar into the .340s while the young man starts on the Red Hots and I struggle to build a coalition in anticipation of Klein’s latest power ploy.

      Sure, I can always call Brad Lee and fleece him in another deal. But been there, done that, and frankly that lily has been gilded a bit too much these days for my tastes.  No, for once I’ll accept responsibility for my own decisions and say only, “Hats off to you, Rich Robbins, for your willingness to pay $13 for Pedroia on draft day. Enjoy the talent that only I could divine a mere season ago. That is all….”

      And I remain,
      Jeffrey Horatio Winick

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