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      Brad Jansen

      Cowgill, I’m A Fan
      Song by Neil Young
      Lyrics By Brad History

      Hello, Cowgill, I’m a fan
      I didn’t think
      You’d get so panned.
      I’ll keep you active
      For awhile–
      Maybe that would make
      Andy smile.
      You’re not top-rated
      But there’s no shame.
      Wait till B.J. Upton
      Pulls up lame.
      It’s the Winick mystique
      That makes me want
      To make a trade.

      Hello Balfour in the pen
      Who’d have thought
      You’re such a friend.
      Earned two saves
      And you’re divine.
      Time to trade you,
      piss off Andy Klein.
      You’re old enough
      To be Adams’ dad-
      I’m sorry your trade
      Made Blocker sad.
      It’s the Winick mystique
      That makes me want
      To make a trade.

      Hello Jesus of my dreams
      Are you just part
      Of Winick’s schemes?
      Just year one
      And so alone–
      (I should have gotten Sogard
      For Adam Jones.)
      Not much left now
      To make a deal
      Except there’s Elvis–
      Is Yu for real?
      It’s the riptorn in me
      That makes me want
      To play this game….

      Next up: Dunn By The River


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