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      Brad Jansen

      Guys, I was able to nab some excerpts pre-publication…..

      From Fantasy World galley proofs:

      It’s been a challenge tracking down Jeffrey Winick, but we were able to catch him heading home from the Queen’s Jubilee, which he squeezed in between trips to Cannes (where he solicited investors for his biopic Inglorious Berliners) and Wrigley Field, where he planned to counsel Theo Epstein on the Jorge Soler negotiations.

      Fortunately, the King of Roto spared us a few moments to answer a couple general questions about the USML, and the Berliners in particular:

      How does it look for the Berliners’ chances this year?
      The numbers are not strong, but the returns are early. Do I need pitching, and quickly? Of course! Would I have liked to add Chris Sale to my team? Sure. But can I help it if the K-9 value weak hitting middle infielders and oft-injured relievers? Of course not. For me, it’s simply a matter of patience. Some deal will emerge and when it does I have very confidence I will be able to make up the 20-point gulf between the Brats and me.

      Can you handicap the championship race going forward?
      Obviously, you have to like my chances. I still think the Brats are vulnerable in the offensive categories and their pitching still fails to concern me. The Nukes gave up a lot of offense for Haren, and will be light on saves if and when Sergio Santos returns. They don’t trouble me. Konerko provides a nice boost for the LMC, and if Ellsbury contributes anything they will be a factor. But I really don’t see any of them seriously challenging me down the road.

      Any surprises this year?
      The Red Hots made a big splash landing Adam Jones in the season’s first dump deal–and then, nothing; I really expected more trade action from them in order to defend the crown. Obviously, that’s not gonna happen. I also expected the Bombers to be more active in the trade market–that one really stuns me.

      Mike Trout–any regrets?
      (After a several second pause) He’s a special player–real special. I’m proud to say that I was the owner who drafted him. And I’m just as glad that I traded him to the Riptorns because they rarely keep players longer than two months. But look, I traded him for Sergio Santos and to unload Matusz’s contract. That extra money for the draft was key: how else would I have had enough cash to outbid the Nukes for Nick Swisher? Things happen for a reason and….wait, Theo Epstein’s on the other line….there is no way I’ll allow the Nukes to have Jorge Soler for $5….gotta run….

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