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      Andy Klein

      Thanks to Rich and Jim, who recommended Fantasyland by Sam Walker. What
      a great book! For those who haven’t heard about it, Walker is a Wall Street  Journal Reporter who takes a half-year off to play in the AL Tout Wars, an  “experts” league with likes of Shandler, Lawrs Michaels, and others. The  book is filled with great descriptions of Walker discussing his team with baseball executives, the players on his roster, and the other Touts.

      However, I did have one concern. In a 343-page book devoted entirely to rotisserie baseball experts, there is not a single mention of Jeff Winick!! I even scoured the index to make sure I hadn’t missed something. This seems outrageous to me!! Would anyone sign on if I write a letter of protest to Walker?


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      Brad Jansen

      …just be sure to include that line drawing of Jeff that graced the fantasy
      magazine he sold at the auction…

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      Jeff Winick

      I’ve spoken to Sam about this and he’s aware of my disappointment. One of those things I’ll just have to live with. It is worth noting, however, that almost all of the guys in Tout Wars (and profiled in the book) are in the XFL. Shandler, Wood, Michaels, McCaffrey, etc. And they’ve all been beaten by the man.

      That is all.

      Jeff Winick

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      Mark Kerber

      Style note: Please remember that “The Man” requires initial caps.


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