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      Brad Jansen

      On 5/7/07, springkerb@aol.com <springkerb@aol.com> wrote:
      > Sorry, but I was out of town with no internet access.
      > Mark

      It would seem, at least to this impartial observer,  that a man who annually finds his way to that pit of depravity and debauchery known as the Kentucky  Derby  to  gamble on the “sport” of proud horses running in circles with little people astride them until they’re shot or fed to McDonalds’ customers, would carry a laptop with ready internet access. Don’t be fooled by his nonsense.  Kerbs always has been and always will be a 24/7 roto man.  Kerbs’ brazen floutinging of our well-considered rules should be stopped dead in its tracks.  Today it’s McGowan.  Tomorrow it’s… who? Help me out here, Rich.  Rich? Are you out there? I can hear your closers breathing!  That’s right! Today, McGowan, tomorrow Langerhaus…Kerb’s lawless attempt at extorting my FAAB dollars must be denied and McGowan’s salary restored to what it would have been had this game been played on a level playing field, a field with access to all and rules for those who choose to enter.  Thank you for caring as deeply about these issues as me.

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