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      Brad Jansen

      With the latest news that the Devil Rays finally recognized Edwin Jackson’s brilliance in late relief and now will groom him to be their Next  Closer, league pundit Jeffrey Winick was almost apoplectic with excitement.

      “Now that I won’t have Francisco Liriano to watch any more this season–if ever again–it will bring me some small amount of joy to watch a Riptorns’ pitching staff that will consist almost entirely of closers.  We already know about Burgos and Putz.  And with Papelbon’s latest struggles it’s only a matter of time before Delcarmen assumes the 9th inning role, as I certainly expect Cabrera will for the Tribe in the next few weeks. They don’t call me a pundit in elite roto circles  for nothing, you know.   I earn my reputation  by scouting  out such talent, even though  it never seems  to end up on any of my teams…

      “But I say this now for all to know: The ’07 Riptorns will be built around saves and steals–and this is a team that certainly has stolen my heart.  Be still, now, O! Beast within…”

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