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      Brad Jansen

      Dear Mark:

      I am very sorry to read about Dukes’ trade out of the AL. I can hear Andy chortling all the way from Cambridge, but I certainly sympathize, especially now that Peter Gammons is confirming the Winick report that indeed Howie Carew Kendrick will be traded to the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera, most expensive 3B to ever be drafted in USML (well, maybe not as much as A-Rod, but certainly more than Marte).

      I see that Dmitri Young already offered to be young Elijah Dukes’ mentor on the Nationals, so in my time of trying I ask you: Would you be my mentor this off-season, as I struggle with the loss of Kendrick, Alexi Casilla’s downfall, and the stalled development of my Brandon Wood?

      Thanks for at least thinking about it. Please, I need good guidance during this dark time.

      Looking forward to reading your family holiday letter, too, especially after some beers and Wild Turkey,

      Yours truly,

      Brad Lee Riptorn

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