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      Brad Jansen

      On the heels of Andy Klein’s admission that he traded for minor leaguers just days before introducing legislation that would then ban such deals comes the latest news about Elijah Dukes’ threats to his estranged spouse.

      “The news reports stated that Dukes’ wife filed court papers seeking an order of protection weeks before Klein talked Kerber into making such a preposterous trade,” USML ethicist Jeffrey Winick read from a prepared statement at his weekly news conference. “My office has received allegations–and at this time that’s all they are–that Klein is close to certain Republican operatives in Florida’s judicial system and was made aware of the Dukes’ marital dissolution many weeks ago. What I want to know–what the League needs to know– is what Andy knew and when he knew it.

      “It matters little to me that the Klein-9 are in 4th place and in a virtual freefall. Standings don’t matter to me; integrity, however, does. Klein’s shameless efforts to permanently ban the trades of minor leaguers shortly after he acquired a stash of them was one thing. But marketing Elijah Dukes with the knowledge that he was facing a potential lifetime ban from baseball is something else. And how ironic that Dukes was one of the minor leaguers Klein acquired before trying to ban such trades.

      “The fruit of the poisonous tree fell at Klein’s feet–and he took a perilous bite. Like Tony Soprano, Klein is slouching to Bethlehem (*see *Yeats); one wonders if a similar fate awaits both of these sociopaths.”

      Winick stated that he would interview Klein when Winick signs copies of his children’s edition of *Fantasy Baseball* in Indianapolis next month (“They’re slow readers down there,” Winick explained).

      Klein was not responding to calls or emails this morning.

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      Andy Klein

      Klein vows not to respond until J.D. Drew plays more than two games in a single week.

      Only a few days until Bean Season. All eyes are on the Red Hots …


      PS to Brad: Will you *please* stop whining and crying about my rule proposal that failed? If you write another one of these messages, I promise to start a thread on the relative merits of Jerry Tagge and Bob Avellini.

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