Long and Short of Klein Nine’s Desperate Deal

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      Brad Jansen

      Jeffrey Winick was somewhat tight-lipped about the news of the GOP/Klein-9 deal.  He issued this terse remark: “As so many of you know, I typically don’t comment on deals between or among non-contenders.  I simply don’t have that kind of time, what with running a mid-size law firm, managing 4 other fantasy baseball teams and trying to keep my modelling career on track.  But I take modest interest in watching the former frontrunner self-destruct and now tread wildly as the alligators swarm around him.  He clearly oversold Sarge Jr. and Lopez, but what does he get? A few more ABs, I suppose, but they are of minimal value.  Overbay is Mark Grace Lite and Terrence Long is below-avaerage filler until the Yankees can find some real players to roam the OF.   This race will be over by the All-Star Break. I said it once, and I will say it again because I don’t think anyone’s paying enough attention to me. Oh, that’s Mark Blocker on the phone–gotta run!”

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