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      Brad Jansen

      Today the Nukes traded Tadihito Iguchi to the Riptorns for Justin Huber.

      “Iguchi adds stability to the Torns’ middle infield situation,” explained Rips CEO Brad Jansen. “And I don’t mind spending $19 for a solid and stable veteran.  Here’s fair notice to all you fence sitters and hair splitters: you all had your shot at Justin Huber.  If you want to hit a bullseye once in awhile, you need to pick up the friggin’ gun and *pull the trigger*. I’ve made it clear time and time again: I want production, not promise. I suppose I should be happy when men of scholarship and vision laud all the great young talent on my team. So what. I would trade them all now if a deal or two or three could put me in a position in 2007 to even think about giving chase to Hoosier Daddies or even the Bombers for that matter.

      “You all saw how much I wheel and deal, and you know I didn’t finish in 8th place by sitting on my arse all season.  So, good luck to the Nukes and on to the next Deal.”

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