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      Brad Jansen

      “The act of reserving a team’s top closer in the heat of battle mocks the spirit if not the letter of our competitive spirit,” spoke the ever articulate and evangelical Jeffrey Winick.  “It utterly shocks my conscience.  Shabes and his ‘medical’ cohort are taunting other teasm by playing around with the ever-important saves point.  Shabes claims he sat Todd Jones because he expects the Tigers to pummel the NL teams they face this week and there will be no save opps.  Nonsense, I say and would shout from the mountaintops if I only could still fit into this pair of lederhosen my bride bought me for our honeymoon in the Swiss Alps. This is a ridiculous move, a taunt like that AJ slap to home plate that so riled the slumbering Cubbies a few weeks back, and I demand an investigation by the NY Times, since by now they must have run out of things to research about Cheney and that guy that works with him…And don’t suggest for a New york second that there was no other ‘talent’ on the Angries’ roster that could not be reserved for the always-impressive Bartolo Colon.  I hate to see good men like Kerbs, Klein and Mister Morningstar be mocked and ridiculed in this fashion.  Whew. I am so up for a good yodel.”

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      Andy Klein

      I salute the AYM — so dominant that they can afford to give away points.  Of course, if they need the saves later, they’ll just make another deal.  In fact, I hear that Brad Saks is scouting Mike McDougal right now in case the AYM need Blocker to send him their way.

      Seriously, Doug is scaring me.  He’s getting so good and cocky, he’s reminding me of  … Brad Jansen!!


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      Mark Kerber

      What about the Man Behind the Man?  I mean Saks, of course.  Remember the Rips in their prime?  Silent Mike in the background, pulling the strings on the little Brad marionette (and occasionally kicking Brad under the table on draft day when he thought no one was looking).  The Dick Cheney of the USML.* 

      Isn’t it obvious what’s happened with the Angries?  Hail to Brad Saks, the new master puppeteer!


      *Gratuitous Republican reference to encourage Bhudda’s participation in this e-mail string

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