Putz and Booze: Winick’s Rebuilding Plan Ruined

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      Brad Jansen

      From the Winter Meetings:  Jeffrey Winick made no secret that he planned to “rebuild” in ’09,  and that ace closer  J.J. Putz (11/LT10) was the cornerstone of his reconstruction.  What was not so well known was that Winick and Blocker were this close to consummating a deal under which Winick would receive 12 of Blocker’s top minor league, college and high school players.

      Putz’ move to the Mets ended those talks, and Winick can only sulk.  “I still have my Wood,” he sighed into his White Russian. “But next year is hopeless.  You may as well as go ahead and have the draft while I’m on trial….and look at all the closers on Blocker’s team: Jensen Lewis, Frank Francisco, and now Brandon Morrow…not to mention Todd Jones and Joe Borowski….4th place really is achievable for the Bombers next year. You’ve heard it hear first….”

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