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      Rick Gammons


      Alright, Klein & Robbins twisted my arm and are making me do it. I know I’m encroaching upon Doug Shabelman territory here, but I thought this would lighten the mood.  Two sentences you thought you’d never hear uttered; “The Cubs win the World Series!”, and “Rick Gammons is dating a Venezuelan beauty queen”.  Well, I can’t vouch for the first one, and the second one can already be corrected to “dated”, since we never closed the deal on a second date (I think she recovered her eyesight). Sure, it was 30 years ago, and she was only Runner-up Miss Caracas, but the attached pic was taken just last year and I can assure you all she still looks just fine. Life goes on………..

      Rick “Still Putting Off Dumping” G


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      Richard Robbins

      Doug’s world is about imagery and the illusion of the reality that you are/have lived. Kudos Rick. Great to see you in Indy.

      — Rich

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