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      Brad Jansen

      Against the painful backdrop of mutually assured destruction, Rips owner Brad Jansen tendered an olive branch to fantasy kingpin Jeff Winick.  “Both teams are rebuilding this year and, in Jeff’s case, next year as well.  It’s a painful process and there is no need for aggression and antagonism. I told Jeff there is no need for us to pursue the same cheap keepers and top prospects, especially that now so many of them reside on my roster.  I know Jeff covets guys like Mike Maroth, Danny Carbrera and Nate Robertson…the list goes on and on.  So I asked Jeff to tender to me a list of players he wants so that I don’t go after them.  There is no need to engage in a prolonged bidding war that only hurts us.  Just look at the price of Francisco Liriano–stop the madness, I say.”  The Rips await the Berliners’ response, but Jansen remains optimistic.  “Jeff may not be a kind man, but he is thoughtful and rather selfish individual.  I’m sure he’ll see my offer benefits him as much if not more than me. That is all.”

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