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      Brad Jansen

      Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers:

      It has been several days since I’ve done a deal and have nothing to transmit to usmltrans by noon tomorrow…please help me, and read carefully these humble words:  I know from time to time I’ve exchanged messages, offers and counter-offers for Jeremy Bonderman.  I know his early season numbers are not overly impressive (except Ks, of course), but you are not trading for his past numbers, you’re trading for what he can give you this year and beyond for that matter, given his modest $16  contract. On  many rosters he would ugrade your 3rd starting pitcher slot!  So think about an offer for Bonderman under which you trade me some schlub P back and a  keeper–you’ll get JB and a 2nd player back from me, the  player determined by roster/salary floor needs.   So think of a player you seriously would trade for Bonderman and write or call.   Let’s get this done before the Resurrection or the Revelation or the Restoration or whatever.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this…and thank you for  being my friends (at least while I have a player you want).

      Brad Lee Badfinger

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