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      Andy Klein

      A cackling Brad Jansen writes:


      Yada, yada, yada  “and that kid catcher Jeff (#3 pick in the NATION) Clement.”


      Classic Jansen Stage 1.5.  He’s puffing useless minor league magic beans for the sole purpose of planting a seed in the minds of next year’s victim(s). “Hmmm,” future Victim thinks.  “If Brad thinks this guy is special, maybe he really is.”

      Next year, of course, we move to Stage 2.  Brad swoops in on Victim and intones, “I really liked [Insert Useless Magic Bean here] when I traded for him last year.  But now you need to take him back and give me [Insert several top-flight players here].

      Then we’re onto Stage 3.  Jansen is rolling toward multiple titles, and Victim is left scratching his head while surfing for stats on their useless players.

      Don’t say you weren’t warned.  And expect to be mocked next year if you fall for it!

      That is all.


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