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    Brad Jansen

    On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 9:10 AM, Jeffrey Winick wrote:

    In keeping with the league's 25 year history,
    prize payments will be made prior to the end of
    the World Series.

    Rich, Jim and Brad, please send me the name of
    the person to whom you'd like the check made out
    and the address where you'd like it sent.


    Jeff, if possible please send the Rips’ prize moolah to the Chicago Food Depository or, more appropriately, use it to buy pastries for the ’14 draft.

    Also-I promised myself after my last colonoscopy that if in any October Juan Uribe hit a home run in post-season-play and the White Sox signed a Cuban I would retire from the usml for the second and last time (I promise, really!!).

    After all these years it’s about time for other fantasies.

    So adios, amigos, it’s been a ride. See ya.

    –Brad Lee Despedida

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