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      Jeff Winick

      Words to those effect were heard to be uttered by Mr. Elijah Dukes when  asked to describe the source of the interesting smell emanating from his vehicle. Dukes was promptly arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession.

      When reached for comment at Riptorn HQ, Brad Lee Jansen proclaimed that Mr.  Dukes had played his last game for the Riptorns. “We can’t have negative influences like this around the franchise. Name your price Mr. Robbins.”

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      Brad Jansen

      Hey, a dude has to relax some time, you know….will someone tell me what will happen if I type in “reverse cowgirl” on my Google search engine…?

      Stop me before Dick Cheney does….


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      Mark Kerber

      Give it a try. (Think “Ride ’em cowboy.)


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      Richard Robbins

      A bag of Doritos and a case of beer.

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