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      Brad Jansen

      …bid on Scotty Pods at your risk…although he hit well in 2 ABs today (and why did he leave early? just so the Sox could get a long look at Ruben Rivera? perhaps Winick has some inside poop he’d like to share…), but he got thrown out easily trying to steal 2B and jogged into second on what should have been a triple…also couldn’t catch up to a gapper…I think his new bride is giving that poor groin of his a workout that may be fun for beaming up Scotty,  but is hardly beneficial to us White Sox fans and those USML owners who so sorely need speed–and you know who you are.  If he gets 30 SBs this year, consider yourself lucky, and you’ll probably pay about a buck a steal…Jenks, of course, has disappeared, or perhaps they just wanted to save fuel costs on the bus ride to/from Tucson to Mesa.  Cotts came in to cough up a 2-run lead in the 9th, didn’t fool anyone and but for the Cubs’ ineptitude scoring runners from 3rd with one out would have lost…my money is on Politte to close and Bobby Abreu to patrol the OF by the A-S Break…but Thome is gonna mash the crap out of the ball…and Buehrle looks sooooo good I can’t wait to over pay for him…. Cub fans were all atwitter about the slimmed down Aramis Ramirez…what’s with that, Jeffery?  Was he dining at  the Steroid Buffet, too?   Well, it’s on to Tucson and I won’t be at or near a keyboard until TH night–so, hang tough, lads, until then…see ya!

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