Teahan Is Believin’: Gordon Era Looms in KC

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      Brad Jansen

      As Jeffrey Winick predicted almost 2 mid-term elections ago, the Alex Gordon Epoch could very well begin as early as Opening Day 2007.

      “It’s right there, in black in white, in today’s KC Star…assuming Teahan can even raise his arm by spring training, he’ll be long-tossing from the OF because the Time has come to let Alex Gordon assume the 3B job and ravage American League pitching,” moaned Mr. Winick as he scraped his sun-burnt flesh from his thong lines.

      “And I kid you not, fair competitors, there are plenty of sleeping giants on that Rips’ roster, starting with Kendry Morales and Nelson Cruz…One can only hope such mashers are traded off that team by springtime. For now my only hope is to structure  a deal that gets me back Andy Marte (14-year1) from the Rips, who clearly don’t need him with young Alex on board.

      “But enough about the Rips. I cannot *wait *to tell all about my Scottsdale weekend, as soon as I clear the manuscript with my publisher and lawyers. It’s only for the strong of stomach, so Doug, you may want to leave the room…”

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